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Meat Hats On Dating Profiles? Inside This New Wild Trend.

The world of dating is a weird place. One minute you’re in the mood to treat it like any other professional interaction and then, just as quickly, you find yourself rolling your eyes at all the silly things people do on their profiles, hoping that they get taken down ASAP. If you’ve ever been online dating and seen “meat hat” photos plastered across someone’s profile, don’t worry—you are not alone!

According to Bustle, this new trend has women posting sexy photos of themselves wearing meat hats in hopes of attracting more male attention. But why? Is it just another wild trend that will eventually die out? Or is there something about being surrounded by meat that makes men want to approach women?

While I’m sure some men will be turned off by the whole meat hat thing, there might actually be quite a few who aren’t. This trend may have started by Lady Gaga after her meat dress stunt, but as with many internet trends, nobody is sure exactly how it began or where it originated from. Some people say that it could be inspired by a famous song called “Meat Head” by The Meatmen, while others insist that it was popularized by the comedian Chris Kattan. Either way, it seems this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

This trend is particularly popular if you check out any no strings hook up app, and judging from the number of people who have tried it, it looks like it’s catching on fast. As far as I can tell, most people are doing the whole meat hat thing for the same reason they do anything else: to stand out and make a statement. They’re saying “hey guys, look at me!” You can take a photo of yourself wearing a meat hat, post it on Tinder, Bumble, or wherever you’re looking to date online, and wait for the floodgates to open. It certainly won’t hurt your chances, that’s for sure!

If you’re thinking about trying out this meat hat trend yourself, keep in mind that these photos tend to attract an eye-catching amount of attention. So much so, in fact, that sometimes people end up getting a bit too excited and end up sending pictures of their junk instead.

So next time you’re on one of those dating apps, try adding one of those meat hats to your profile pic. Just be prepared for some interesting responses from potential dates. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you!