Raspberry Ketones Extract

Raspberry ketones extract is one of the most popular supplements in the market today that shows the miraculous effect to shrink fat. Also, it has been considered as the number one weight loss miracle but is it really true? Is it the new weapon to shed off that excess fat?

Raspberry Ketones Extract

Raspberry ketones is a compound that gives raspberries a delicious smell. In fact, there are scientific studies conducted in laboratories that produces raspberry ketone compound. The amount of this compound is higher in supplements available in the market than by eating the fruit.

According to manufacturers, raspberry ketones extract regulates the hormone called adiponectin, this is low in people suffering from obesity than those who are not. In several studies, increased level of adiponectin helps treat issues about insulin problems like metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes by increasing the sensitivity of insulin levels. Resistance of insulin is a major factor in problems like metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and obesity. With raspberry ketones, it can help regulate norepinephrine, a component that can cause a minor rise of body temperature.

This supplement has been around in the 1960s but the recent popularity is due to the new publicity that manufacturers create to persuade people who are willing to do anything just to lose weight.

Raspberry Ketones Extract

There has been no studies conducted in humans on the benefits of raspberry ketones but two rodent studies were conducted. During the first study, the substance showed to be effective in suppressing accumulation of fat and on the second study, it showed that raspberry ketones prevents fat accumulation even if the mice had high fat diet.

Raspberry Ketones Extract

With the recent success of this supplement, manufacturers claimed that raspberry ketones is also for anti-aging because it contains antioxidants; thus they can expand the benefits it can bring to every user of the product.

Finally, yet it is true that raspberry ketones is very effective as a weight loss supplement, every user must remember to consult a health professional before taking some supplements.

Saffron Extract Weight Loss Benefits

Saffron extract is a natural spice used for fragrance, seasoning and medicine since the ancient times. Today, it takes a new benefit for people’s lives, it is considered a weight loss supplement because the extract can annihilate the urge to overeat. In a study conducted to prove the essential benefits of saffron extract to women, it showed that 100% of the recipients showed decreased urge to eat more.

The saffron extract weight loss benefits are the following:

  • Combats emotional eating – emotional eating is a big factor why so many people are gaining weight because there are chemicals in the brain that triggered such habit. According to studies, emotional eating happens in 30% or more of women who are obese. Usually, they crave carbohydrates. When they take in carbohydrates, they are turned into chemicals present in the brain, it gives the pleasure sensation, craving and when you are satisfied, it gives relief.
Saffron Extract Weight Loss Benefits

Saffron extract supplement goes directly in your intestine, brain and stimulate a feeling, the same as what emotional eater experiences. It gives relief without even munching on some carbohydrates.

In a study conducted involving saffron extract, participants were allowed to eat everything they want. It showed clear results, they take snacks significantly less than they used to eat and lose extra weight. The same study was performed using different participants, the results were the same, it curbed their eating habits.


  • It is all natural – saffron extract is an all-natural supplement derived from saffron crocus. The stigmas or the threadlike parts are dried and used as saffron spice. According to health professionals, saffron has other helpful benefits to people, aside from its weight loss component, it can treat asthma, hardened arteries, sleep disorders, heartburn, depression and intestinal gas. Also, it is an aphrodisiac.
Saffron Extract Weight Loss Benefits

Other sources of appetite suppressants are usually man-made like Phentermine. This is an FDA approved drug that aids in weight loss for a short period of time. However, according to health professionals, Phentermine poses serious side effects if taken for a long time and has withdrawal reactions. The side effects are mood changes, irregular heartbeat, less sexual interest, heart or lung problems and severe headaches.

  • No Calories – saffron extract contains no calories and when you want to try the supplement, look for Satieral, an ingredient added to saffron extract. This ingredient has been clinically proven that works well with saffron based on different studies conducted in women who suffer from emotional eating.

If you want to try saffron extract to help lose that extra weight, talk to your doctor or do some more research of its effects.

African Mango Diet

Recently, the internet is buzzing about another supplement for weight loss, this is the African mango diet. Its scientific name is Irvingia gabonensis (IG), a tree grown in West and Central Africa that the fruit is similar to mangoes, in return, they are named as African mango, dika nut, wild mango or bush mango. IG is composed of 26.4% carbohydrate, 50% fat, 14% fiber and 7.5% protein.

African Mango Diet

In places where IG is abundant, the flesh is eaten by most people but the nut or seed portion of the fruit has been proven to have powerful ingredients. The seed extract of the IG is exclusively sold online which comes in liquid, capsule and powder form supplements.

IG has high-soluble fiber that helps trim waistline and melts belly fat. Often, it is a combination of other ingredients like green tea that is proven as a fat-burning ingredient. According to manufacturers of IG, the effects of the supplement can reduce appetite, lower triglycerides and blood cholesterol, boost fat breakdown, reduce growth of fat cell and improve blood sugar level. Also, they claimed that it is very effective to flush out cholesterol and fat from the body.

African Mango Diet

As of now, there are few research studies conducted on the benefits of IG to human especially as a weight loss supplement. In fact, most of the studies were sponsored by manufacturers to market their product. For this reason, authorities from the health department are taking measures to warn the public about weight loss supplements that have no scientific benefits for the health.

However, the studies sponsored by manufacturers showed that the extract of IG can help people to lose weight, improve control of diabetes and lower levels of blood cholesterol. In addition, the research showed that IG’s high fiber content helps remove bad cholesterol.

African Mango Diet

Finally, experts say that there is a need to conduct more studies before introducing it to the market for public safety.

Garcinia Cambogia Uses

Garcinia Cambogia (GC) is a new weight loss supplement available in the market but it is one of the nutritional supplements that has been greatly well-received. The supplement is made from natural components that help people lose extra pounds without risks and in an effective manner.

Obviously, the supplement does not instantly works but when used regularly for a specified period of time, users will have visible results both in the physical aspect as well as the positive outlook in life.

How It Works?

The garcinia cambogia supplements initiate a chemical process that is very sophisticated within the body and has a direct effect to the parts involved with fatty stuff. Shedding off that extra weight in your body is very hard, it needs proper motivation. Once the supplement has been taken, it begins to interact with fatty cells, the reason why weight loss supplements must be taken before, after or during the meal. After, it starts to function in two major ways:

Garcinia Cambogia Uses
  • Fat Binder – the supplement attaches to fat molecules, the reason why it can be digested and flushed out of the body instead of stored fat in thighs and belly.
  • Appetite Suppressant – taking garcinia cambogia supplement suppresses appetite, you will not be in a situation where you feel the urge to eat even if you are not hungry. This urge will soon become less frequent until it is eliminated. This means that taking the right dosage regularly will help you eat at the right time and eliminate bad eating habits like overeating.


Garcinia cambogia is made from all natural ingredients, there are no side effects known were reported with the proper dosage. The short-term use or below twelve weeks of this supplement is considered safe but have potential negative effects like:

  • Stomach cramps or discomfort of the digestive tract
  • Nausea
  • Headache

However, even if this supplement is all natural, there are people who cannot use this product to prevent dangerous health problems in the future, they are:

  • Children
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Pregnant women
  • For people who have allergic reactions to any of the present substances
  • Those suffering from diabetes, Alzheimer and dementia.
Garcinia Cambogia Uses

Today, there are many weight loss supplements in the market that can deliver and offer benefits but most of the ingredients are not yet approved by health professionals whether they are safe for people’s consumption. The worst problem is that they create irreparable damage to people’s health.

The Right Dosage

Just like in any other supplements, garcinia cambogia must not be taken in big amounts. Too much is not beneficial for the body, instead it can be fatal.

Garcinia cambogia is one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the market today but before taking anything, consult your doctor for health safety.